Rebranding for payments platform as “Fintech’s first end-to-end middleware”

Rebranding for payments platform as “Fintech’s first end-to-end middleware”

Alpha Payments Cloud, the company that has vowed “to do for the fintech industry what Alibaba did for buyers and suppliers, namely expose and bring them together on one simple platform” is rebranding and unveiling a new corporate identity.

The newly named Alpha Fintech is a vendor management platform that simplifies the use of current vendors and exposes new payments, risk and commerce providers via a single interface.  With all vendors accessible through a single API, Alpha Fintech says it can eliminate the restrictions and friction caused by legacy platforms, and introduce the possibility of infinite third-party vendor access.

At a recent event where the company’s CEO Oliver Rajic expressed his ambition to rival Alibaba he picked up an award from BankTech Asia as founder of “the payment platform of the future”.

Payment providers will soon realise that Alpha Fintech’s services are indispensable, he predicted.

“Keeping up with today’s ever expanding solution landscape is nearly impossible for banks and payment gateways, nor should they, as they need to focus on investing and building out their core offering. But merchants still require these connections and the providers can either be part of this new digital commerce journey and make this happen, or stay the course and ask what just happened?” he said.

The rebrand aims to crystallize Alpha’s positioning as fintech‘s first end-to-end middleware, connecting the merchant buyer and vendor supplier across the entire payments, risk and commerce spectrum through a single API and UI.

“Acquirers and payment gateways solely focused on payment acceptance are destined to struggle in this new digital era,” said Rajic. “Fintech innovation improves several unique aspects within transaction value-chain, explaining the 30+ payments related integrations merchants now easily require, but how are they helping?”

“It always bothered me when acquirers and gateways claimed they provide consultative solution selling, which is utter nonsense. If virtually every merchant has the same solution set, what’s consultative about that? Now with Alpha they can evolve to enable the right vendor combination for each unique requirement instead, thereby extending and enhancing their core solution subset”

With Alpha Fintech, acquirers and payment gateways morph into digital commerce solution enablers by transforming the payment transaction into an information entry point, away from the solution dead-end it is today, the company says.

Its new logo “reflects the growth attainable when optimizing across these interconnected vendors within the risk, commerce and payments spectrum,” and Alpha is also “introducing a centralised fintech vendor database to simplify the identification of new vendors and to support innovative vendors to gain exposure globally”.



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